8 Critical Reasons To Avoid Squarespace And The Others

8 Reasons to Think Twice Before Using Squarespace

Choosing an all-in-one platform like Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly for your website might seem appealing due to the promise of ease of use. But you should really consider the long-term implications of such a decision. While these platforms offer a simple interface, promise loads tools and connectivity and the ability to set up an online […]

10 Powerful Microinteractions for Your Website

Website Microinteractions | Hand Clicking On A Button | Common Web Design Terms | Elliott William

Microinteractions on websites create smooth and effortless page transitions, making the digital experience more immersive. These subtle interactions, such as visual element reactions and informative text and image changes, transform a bland website visit into an engaging journey. They prevent passive scrolling and encourage active interaction with the content, enhancing the web browsing experience from […]

50 Common Web Design Terms: A Useful Beginners Guide

Common Web Design Terms | Elliott William

In the constantly evolving world of the internet, having a solid understanding of common web design terms is essential. Whether you’re a business owner, a developer, or someone simply interested in the digital landscape, this guide is here to simplify the often complicated terminology associated with website design. Its goal is to provide you with […]