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In discussion with the festival director, we determined Newcastle Comedy Festival 2024 deserved a brand refresh. The brand for 2024 needed to reflect the comedy festival’s colourful and fun atmoshphere and kinetic energy.


After a strategy session with festival director Andrew, I developed three new brand concepts from which one was chosen and further developed. It was important to ensure that the brand had a character that reflected the Newcastle Comedy Festival. With the release of the new brand and a corresponding website rebuild, I implemented an additional marketing strategy that pushed EDM, social media and motion graphic ads.


The ticket sales for this year's Gala have achieved remarkable milestones. It sold more tickets on the first day than it did in five days from the year previous. Within two weeks, sales have already exceeded those of the preceding year's first two months. The new brand and marketing efforts have been extremely effective this year, generating unprecedented interest in the Gala, with over 3000 individuals expressing intent to attend an event with a capacity of only 1450 seats. The average EDM open rate this year is 33.49% and the click thru rate is 12.27%.