Newcastle Comedy Festival 2023


Big Dog Comedy


Multi-Page Website
Campaign Artwork
Web Development


I have the privilege of working with Big Dog Comedy for the fourth year in a row on the Newcastle Comedy Festival 2023. For four whole weeks, comedians from all over Australia will be hitting the city to deliver the biggest and funniest comedy lineup of the year. This year the brief was to refresh the brand again and redevelop the website focusing on bold and bright colour and incorporating animation.


With a logo that iterates every year, creating a fun and new colour palette was needed in order to distinguish the differentiation of this year's festival from the last. After researching colour psychology and playing around with different hues within each of the colours I chose, I landed on a palette that highlighted the diversity of the lineup but also the modernity of the festival. This was then adapted into graphical elements and animations that would act as a theme running across each campaign element.


Over the past reporting period, there have been some positive developments in user engagement on the Newcastle Comedy Festival website. Firstly, there has been a 5.80% increase in the number of new users, which suggests that the outreach and marketing efforts are yielding results. Secondly, the total number of sessions has increased by 6.49%, which indicates that users are spending more time engaging with the content. Finally, there has been a significant decrease in the bounce rate by -4.58%, which means that users are finding the website more engaging. These improvements are encouraging and suggest that the website is on the right track towards increased user engagement and growth, especially through the festival period.