Newcastle Comedy Festival 2021


Big Dog Comedy


Brand Guidelines
Multi-Page Website
Campaign Artwork


Big Dog Comedy approached me with a mission to give the Newcastle Comedy Festival a fresh and modern facelift and give its online presence a personality. They wanted to keep the original logo’s historical significance intact but explore a new colour palette, evolving the identity.


To modernise the festival I decided to explore a bold colour palette that would capture the eye of the consumer. Going with such a dominant bright primary colour allowed me to contrast the comedian's images through the use of black and white. To further personalise the brand, I decided to incorporate a hand-drawn illustration aesthetic over every comedian's photo giving each one a personalised caricature. This branding carried over to the website which was built using WordPress which allowed for on-the-fly show updates.


Taking the overt approach allowed the Newcastle Comedy Festival 2021 to remind everyone of its individualism from Sydney and Melbourne. A sold-out gala and record attendance at the festival shows around town was supported by a strong brand presence in every marketing touch point.