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I had the pleasure of working with the incredible Malibu Homes on their website design. The company is run by Joel, a talented builder who is passionate about creating stunning, personalised homes for families. His company, Malibu Homes, takes a unique approach to building, focusing on collaboration with clients every step of the way ensuring the personalised touch in every project he does.

From the very beginning, it was clear that Joel’s commitment to his clients extended to his online presence as well. He wanted a website that truly reflected the personality of his business, and I was thrilled to help him achieve that goal.


Now knowing Joel's personality and how he wanted his business to be portrayed, I designed a modern, visually engaging website that showcased the stunning brand of Malibu Homes - incorporating elements like an animated signature in his bio that enhanced the personalisation and fun experience. I helped extend some of his brand identity by developing a more responsive logo in order to display in different formats and created an animated version of the full logotype to engage the user when landing on the page.


With engaging content and personalised messaging, Malibu Homes' new website positions them as a taste-maker in the personalised home-building industry. Seamless navigation and reactive functionality provide an exceptional user experience, resulting in increased visibility in the market.