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Blastcoat are a leading protective coating company working on contracts across Australia for multinational companies and Government organisations. Blastcoat required a rebrand from their previous company name, “ECPro” to something more industry relevant and modern. I sat down with the directors of the company and ran a discovery session. I came out of this session with a clear understanding of Blastcoat’s core values, who their ideal buyer personas are and how I was going to create an identity to target those clients. From there I engaged in the branding and website design process.


After the discovery session, I did some research into the industry to better understand the motivations of the customer and identify commonalities between their primary and secondary competitors. From this I developed a brief for the brand identity and drawing inspiration from the gathered insights, I crafted two distinct style scapes that captured the essence of who Blastcoat truly are. Blastcoat also needed a new website to compliment their new brand identity.


During the brand pitch, I unveiled five logo options, each thoughtfully designed to encapsulate Blastcoat's core values and expertise. Complementing the logos were additional branding elements that further strengthened the visual identity. This brand has now been launched to their Australian market and given them a platform to expand the Blastcoat brand. I also created a website that embraced a modern UI and packed it with features like an employee profile upload portal and hidden onboarding section, as well as a job vacancy board.